MADISON- The State Senate rejected several of Governor Tony Evers’ appointments to various government positions Tuesday.

Meanwhile they approved a majority of his appointees to various boards and councils .

“The State Senate takes its responsibility to provide advice and consent seriously, said Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu. “No appointee is considered on the floor without being invited to appear before a Senate Committee to defend their candidacy.”

Sharon Adams, Dylan Jennings, Sandra Dee Naas, and Jim VandenBrook all saw their appointments to the Natural Resources Board rejected by the Senate,

Republicans had said they were concerned about several appointee’s positions on setting a quota for Wisconsin’s wolf population.

The appointees’ willingness to approve administrative rules proposed by the Department of Natural Resources was also an issue.

As it stands, Governor Evers cannot reappoint any of the individuals who were rejected.

However, he promptly appointed new members: Todd Ambs, Robin Schmidt, Patty Schachter, and Douglas Cox.

These new appointees will have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming meeting of the Natural Resources Board.

Evers also appointed former Eau Clair County Clerk Carrie Riepl to the Elections Commission after the Senate rejected the nomination of former Milwaukee County Clerk Joseph Czarnezki earlier in the day.

Since 2018, the Republican-led Senate has confirmed 444 appointees and rejected only 10.

The Senate Majority Leader explained his caucuses actions in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“The Governor’s appointment to the Wisconsin Elections Commission violated the law by refusing to promptly and properly appoint an election administrator,” said LeMahieu. “Multiple of the Governor’s appointees to the Natural Resources Board openly indicated they would not comply with the laws of our state if confirmed.”

The Oostburg Republican was unapologetic.

“Wisconsinites will not stand for public servants who are unqualified or refuse to follow the law,” LeMahieu concluded.